Petro Farasco Energy Faraneghar Parseh Co.


PFEFP is an Independent Engineering and Services company specializing in Project Solutions and Field Operation, established to meet industry demand for the provision of comprehensive, engineering and project resources to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry & in Drilling Engineering Techniques & Solutions in mature hydrocarbon provinces. PFEFP has developed systems and management processes based on proven track records, which ensure the optimum evaluation, strategy, planning and deliverables to suit individual well and field parameters are delivered. To meet these criteria our specialists have been recruited from both the operation and engineering sectors to cover all key disciplines. Our personnel have been involved in the application of advanced drilling and field optimization techniques. By forming balanced teams with the client and their chosen contractors we can employ the systems, techniques and structures that will form the basis for each project, where we are able to deliver a complete project solution with the well on time and within budget. Company major activates include Reservoir Management, Feasibility Studies, MDP Preparation, Production Engineering, Process Engineering, Drilling Operation and Engineering, Conceptual and Basic Engineering, Procurement and MC for Reservoir Management and Field Development. Project performance recipes are formulated based on latest international standards, updated by experience gained in completed projects. PFEFP offers a broad scope of services in hydrocarbon industries, both onshore and offshore. Thanks to its considerable human resources in management and engineering, the company has evolved into a leading firm in the country. The ultimate objective of PFEFP is promoting and facilitating greater utilization of the local resources in investment and implementation of Oil and Gas & Petrochemical projects by promoting cooperation with major foreign companies interested in Iranian Oil and Gas & Petrochemical industry and offering best services to meet the requirements of Iranian petroleum industry.
Enjoying a perfect team of professional experts combined with remarkable accumulation of know-how, PFEFP presents engineering services, procurement of equipment, technical inspection, and construction management and commissioning of industrial large-scale projects.

Engineering Services






Managing Director’s Statement

Welcome to PFEFP Engineering & Services;
My colleagues and I in PFEFP provide petroleum engineering, drilling engineering and related services to Oil and Gas & Petrochemical companies and our aim are to do so with the highest quality recognized by the international standards. Therefore we have adapted the company with ISO 9001:2008, to provide quality assured services to our clients.
We, as PFEFP Management, strongly follow the under listed objectives in our system to carry out our duties:
• Performance quality and satisfaction, of clients in all fields of activity.
• Effective promotion of safety to the best of our ability.
• Safeguarding our clients’ property and assets.
• Prevention of human errors in all aspects.
• Protection of environment
• Personnel Training and Promotion
Our policy in PFEFP is to pay close attention to interrelationship, experience, competence, skills, quality and reliability of the managers and staff. Continuous improvement is a key issue, and complying with the codes, standards and regulatory requirements are our ambition. We therefore achieve our objectives by improving and maintaining:
• An effective quality management system in accordance with ISO 9000 to meet our clients’ requirements and expectations.
• Awareness of quality principles in all activities.
• Commitment to achieve the objectives set forth and continuous improvement at all levels of the company.
• Measures of communication with each and every client to ensure timely distribution of accurate information.

Basic Concepts

We are a worldwide engineering and services company providing drilling, project management and petroleum engineering services to the oil industry. We aspire to be the industry leader and contractor of choice, providing innovative drilling, engineering and technical services in our strategic markets by exceeding the expectations of our clients, shareholders and employees. Our mission is to contribute for the glory of our nation through continuous development of attitudes, expertise, culture, forms of collaboration and leadership, in an attempt to satisfy the needs of our Clients.

To become a great leading private company in IRAN, engaged in upstream and downstream Oil and Gas & Petrochemical projects and capable of promoting and enhancing the techniques of petroleum engineering, drilling and the related services in the region.

Company Experiences

Although PFEFP is a new name but the founders are of the most experienced experts in the local market who spent decades in Iran oil projects. PFEFP engineers were involved actively in different MDP preparation, detailed & analytical studies, field updating, geological services, drilling engineering & operation management. Some of these projects are:

1. South Pars well deliverability study
2. Reshadat field simulation study
3. Resalat field simulation study
4. Rag-e-safied revision of MDP
5. Drilling & completion of 19 well & 5 work over in Aghajari
6. Drilling & test 0f 20 onshore exploratory well in southern fields
7. Supervision of drilling in Tabnak, Shanol and Varavi fields
8. Karon field preliminary study
9. Drilling Services in Libya
10. Secondary oil recovery study in Iranian carbonate reservoir by gas injection
11. Haft-kel reservoir performance prediction after gas injection
12. Re-entry and work over of five horizontal wells in Salman field
13. Re-entry and work over of four horizontal wells in South Pars field
14. Re-entry and work over of one horizontal well in Foroozan field
15. Re-entry and work over of four horizontal wells and work over of nine wells in Nosrat field
16. Gravity drainage study in one block at constant pressure , carbonate reservoir
17. Oil recovery study of Aghajari field under gas injection by oil swell model
18. Karanj field study by single sector model and material balance for estimating secondary recovery
19. Ahwaz full field study-Reservoir characterization phase
20. 3D simulation study of Ahwaz field (sector-6) by 3D sandstone model
21. Full field study of Parsi oil field
22. Full field study of Khangiran and Gonbadly gas field
23. Study of Malehkuh and Sarkan oil field

24. Study of Kangan, Gavarzin and Sarajeh gas field
25. Study of Tang-e-bijar gas field
26. Study of Kuh-e-mond heavy oil field
27. South pars reservoir study and field development
28. South pars oil layer reservoir studies and field development
29. South pars production optimization / planning
30. Paydar west detail study
31. Kangan gas field updating
32. Tang-e-bijar/kamankuh preliminary study
33. Gas storage study in Shurijeh-D Khangiran field
34. Recovering condensate and collecting associated gas in KharkIsland
35. Naftshahr Production/Desalting & Gas Gathering unit
36. Naftshahr Production/Desalting unit Conceptual Study and Preliminary Engineering and Preparation of Feed & Fire Fighting System
37. Tondgooyan, Petrochemical special zone, PET & PTA phase II, basic & detail design
38. Parsoil company, MEK and tank farm revamping, basic design
39. Parsoil company, Furfural Unit, basic design
40. Imam Taghi Pump Station Increasing Capacity – Conceptual Design and Basic Design & Fire Fighting System
41. Fjre-e-Jam LPG Polishing Unit Basic Design & Detail Design
42. Ilam Gag Refinery Storage – Basic Design & Detail Design
43. Faravaresh, BIPC, Aromatic storage & loading facilities basic & detail design
44. asparan, BIPC, Poly propylene conceptual & basic design
45. Bandar Abbas Crude Oil Supply Project Via Qeshm Island basic & detail design
46. Feasibility study, Urea Ammonia, GTPP, Andimeshk Refinery

Feasibility Studies

Organizational Documents